• The text editor alone offers a variety of visual structuring options (e.g. highlighted numbers, buttons, statement/quote labels, two-column texts).
  • Many other design aspects can be created via the content objects (COs) (e.g. certain elements can be output in different widths)
  • Despite a defined page type, various object types may be freely combined
  • Page lists offer editors a very powerful yet user-friendly tool for automatically creating links or teasers on overview pages that are always up-to-date.
  • The TYPO3 category system has been expanded into a comprehensive taxonomy solution for various forms of content, which - where possible - points to relevant content. Editors only have to assign content to one or more relevant categories. 
  • Different category systems can be used (general or media-specific).
  • Automatic category overviews can be freely supplemented with content and expanded into landing or pillar pages.
  • Categories can be further specified in terms of content through the use of tags
Address management:
  • We have standardised personal and institutional data for the tt_address address management.
  • Address representations can be easily used for other types of data.
  • Actions can now be clearly assigned to specific users. 
  • In future, you can only offer users action formats that are relevant to them.
  • Work on the frontend (HTML, CSS and JS) and backend can take place in parallel. As a customer, you can view and test the new system in the staging system at an early stage.
  • Since version 9, we have been using the more widespread Twig as the styling engine in the frontend instead of TYPO3's own Fluid solution, which we find more future-proof and easier to find experts for. 

Core Features


Concentrate on your content! Managing overview pages becomes nearly obsolete with this feature to automatically create teasers linking your articles whereever you need them.

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Stage element

The stage element is the starting point of every website: Ours can not only be flexibly adapted to the news situation, but can also be used for landing pages if required.

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Add-on functionalities

Special Content Objects

Form processors

Special Pages


Here you can finish your thoughts and explain more complex contexts without being punished by the social media algorithm. And simply not publish foul comments in the first place.

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Person Pages

There are always many clever minds behind it! Show that and link the profile pages of your team members with competence fields and contents.

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We wouldn't call it a shop solution. But for presenting products, bundling orders with a cart and for asking for a comupsory or voluntary remuneration this might be all you want.

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