Picture galleries are not automatically included in TYPO3, but we have already set them up. In the past, galleries were set up using Text-Media CO, but since version 9 they have been their own content object. This enables us to offer more options in the future. Simply load multiple images, done.

  • Currently, the standard version includes a slider, which displays the images in a carousel.
  • The image section is fixed in a certain size ratio (by default 16:9), this prevents that the navigation buttons in the middle of the image do not "dance".
  • However, the cropping can still be adjusted with this ratio for each image in the gallery. This way you can focus on important details without having to create a copy of the image.
  • Image descriptions stored in the image management can be used or overwritten for editorial purposes of the image gallery.
  • Image descriptions and other meta information can be translated into all language variants in the image management. This means that images do not have to be created again during localization.
  • If, however, a different image is used during localization for content reasons (e. g. for posters), this can also be exchanged in the image gallery when the page is translated.
  • The navigation buttons appear almost transparent in the desktop view and are only displayed in the intended colour when the pointer is moved over the image. This way, the pictures can look as good as possible.
Conceivable extensions:
  • Status display (image X of Y)
  • Thumbnail overview instead of sliders
  • Enlargement function: Display of the image in maximum or original size on a darkened and deactivated background when clicking on the image.

Was already used in version(s):
8, 9, 10, 11