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With the SEO feature, you support editors in the production of search engine optimised content and optimise the provision of aneissers for social media. For this purpose, the page settings are extended by an SEO tab. There, a search term can be specified for which the page content is to be optimised. The function then shows where the term can ideally still be used. In addition, a preview shows how a Google search result would look with the given settings. The feature supports Google Analytics as well as Matomo in tracking visits (sessions) and takes into account the href="lang" suitability. Finally, the extension makes the sender adjustable for Twittercards.

The feature is based on the CS_SEO extension and has replaced the previously used Yoast extension since Vesrion 10. On the one hand, this creates space in the editing interface, where the Yoast analysis results always took up half a bird screen page. On the other hand, the intrusive advertising of the costly Premuim variant is no longer necessary. However, the text analysis tools (e.g. Flesch's readability analysis), which were preset for English-language texts anyway and, to our knowledge, were not used intensively by any of our customers, are also omitted.

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