According to the EU ePrivacy regulation, the consent of your website visitors is required for the use of a cookie - not for all cookies, but in any case for the use of cookies for analysis purposes, as well as consent to embed third-party content (e.g. YouTube video players, maps from Google/OpenStreetMap or so-called tracking pixels for web fonts subject to licensing). It is best to obtain this consent with a cookie notice.

With "Cookieman", available as of version 10, we offer a cookie notice that requires website visitors to give their consent much more effectively than the cookie banners used in the past and also complies with the relevant case law on the pre-selection of options, requirements for differentiation options and the equivalence of the most data-saving selection option.


When any page of your offer is called up for the first time, a cookie notice appears in front of the page; the contents of the page remain hidden until a decision is made under this notice. You can set legally permissible preselections and give your consent individually or for each type of application. And in accordance with the legal requirements, refusal of all uses is just as easy to explain as consent to all uses. On the cookie notice banner, underneath a text, there is a link to the data protection notice and the option to revoke. Below this, the selection options appear, which can be grouped for use purposes. Further explanations can be displayed by clicking on them. At the bottom of the banner, three save options are offered to give all, only the selected or none of the possible consents.
Finally, at the bottom of the banner there are links to the imprint and the privacy policy, so that this information can be accessed before giving consent. 

This feature is based on the extension:

This feature was already used in these TYPO3 versions:
10, 11