By setting up a contact form, you offer a way to contact us without having to disclose your team's e-mail addresses to the Internet or to mutilate the spelling beyond recognition. With the contact form you also get the form management functions of TYPO3. This allows you to create additional request forms editorially by either copying the contact form and saving it in a new variant, for example to add or remove fields or to create a translation. Or by integrating the form into another page and overwriting certain settings of the finisher.

Range of functions:

By default, the contact form contains these fields and configurations:

  • Subject
  • Message (the input option is limited to 2000 characters including spaces by default)
  • Name
  • E-mail (the format of the e-mail address is checked by default before sending)

In order to understand and use the form system efficiently, we recommend that you schedule a one-hour training session for the correct setup of additional inquiry forms in addition to the standard training program. Furthermore we recommend to reserve these very powerful features of TYPO3 for a limited set of rights.

Possible additional options:
  • Storage of contact data in the CMS (the form is also adapted, e.g. to be able to enter first and last name separately)
  • Transfer of contact requests to a CRM (e.g. as case management)
  • Embedding of the form in frequently asked questions (FAQ) - will only be displayed if no question already answered in writing is suitable
  • Double-Opt-In for authentication before sending the mail
  • Encryption of data transmitted by e-mail using the PGP or S/Mime encryption method

Was already used in version(s)
8, 9, 10, 11