Offer videos - resource-efficient AND privacy compliant!

One of the basic functions of TYPO3 is to manage videos posted on YouTube or Vimeo in the file management of TYPO3 like an image and to embed them accordingly in a page.  


The video can be embedded during the page editing. If you create a text media element on a page, you can go from the content object to the file management, create a new media object there, save the YouTube or Vimeo URL in it as the source and then select this file. TYPO3 takes care of the rest: the name of the video and a preview image are fetched from YouTube; with our configuration, the name in the file or in the text media element can also be overwritten. 

Data protection

When linking to a YouTube video, the privacy-sensitive version of the player is integrated, which does not retrieve any data from YouTube (or Google, to which YouTube belongs) when loading the page on which the video is offered. Only when a visitor to the page clicks on the video is a connection established and the video starts. This solution makes it possible to display the page with the embedded video without first having to obtain consent to pass on data to YouTube/Google in the data protection information. This consent must be obtained before the video can be played. If it is made sufficiently clear that playing the video establishes a connection to YouTube/Google (e.g. by labelling the object or designing the play button accordingly), implied consent can presumably be assumed.

The described configuration is part of the basic site package.

This feature was already used in this(these) version(s):
8, 9, 10, 11