The standard full text search is based on the former "Indexed Search" extension for TYPO3, which is now part of the standard scope. Our service "only" consists of the configuration of the search and the search results page and the integration of a search input field in the navigation and optionally also in the page footer.

The search also searches binary files, e.g. PDF, and can return results either in chronological order (based on the last update date of the page) or - by default - by relevance. In determining relevance, the frequency of the term(s), the position in the text, and the timeliness of the reference all play a role.

Our standard configuration of the search results page is structurally based largely on the appearance of Google search results, because we want to serve the analysis habits of users as best as possible. Therefore, we do not recommend teaser images, although Indexed Search can do that, we shorten text lengths to the standard size and we output a breadcrumb per search result where the URL is located in search engines. Only typography and colors remain within the spectrum of your website.

What the standard search of TYPO3 can't do is to filter the search results for further facets. Although there are extensions that promise to extend the standard search accordingly, these bring performance problems according to our observation. If you need facets, we recommend our Solr feature, a professional solution based on the open source search engine Solr.

This feature is a core functionality.

This feature has already been used in these TYPO3 versions:
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11