This form function protects forms from abuse by bots. Our accessible captcha solution adds a question to forms, where you have to pick three times one term out of four, which does not fit the others.

Our forms are already protected from bots by a simple so-called honeypot solution. In this case, a field is visually hidden and labelled for those who nevertheless see it (e.g. screen readers) in such a way that it would not be filled in by humans. However, sophisticated bots can recognise this method and for certain target groups the honeypot field might be an obstacle when using the form. Our accessible captcha solution provides a solution for this.

The basis of the solution is a list of three nouns belonging to each genre, provided by us for German and English, which can be edited and completed by editors-in-chief in the TYPO3 editorial view or translated into other languages. 

From this list, three new combinations are created with each form call, each of which consists of a group of three, in which a term taken at random from another group is inserted. Form users* must select the unsuitable term by clicking on the corresponding button. This gives them 64 possible solution combinations to choose from. 

If the question cannot be answered correctly, the form is displayed with a new term combination. 

Our solution can also be used by deaf-blind people or people with arithmetic problems and thus currently achieves the highest possible degree of accessibility of a captcha solution.

This feature is based on the extension:

Dieses Feature basiert auf dieser Extension:

This feature was already used in this(these) version(s):
10, 11

Dieses Feature wurde bereits eingesetzt in den TYPO3-Versionen:
10, 11