Detects bad words or other text patterns in texts entered via form fields and submits them to moderation. 

Anyone who gives users the right to enter contributions on their own website is jointly responsible for the content, not only for reputational reasons, but partly also legally. Especially with politically controversial topics, some commentators unfortunately suffer from verbal diarrhoea. Instead of completely abandoning user-generated content or organising round-the-clock pre-moderation, you can also use our badword recognition. If posts are detected that contain such words, they are not rejected (because that invites testing of the filter) and they are not deleted (because there may be "false positives"). They are simply not published immediately, but submitted to moderators by e-mail for examination. This allows them to focus on the suspicious posts and release them when the opportunity arises. 


The badword list can be maintained in the CMS backend at a central location by uploading a UTF-8 formatted word list (one word per line) in text format; the tool provides feedback in case of processing problems with the file. Terms are recognised case-insensitively and stored in lower case. 

Planned but not yet implemented: 

Recognition of compound terms and wildcards.

This feature is based on the extension:

This extension was used in TYPO3 versions 7 and 8 and has not been needed since. It would be possible to use it in newer versions, but it would probably need to be reworked.