Supplies a form for subscribing to a newsletter distribution list and saves the address in the CMS. When using the mail dispatch service "Rapid-Mail", the registration is transferred directly via its API.

Anyone who wants to offer professional mail services can hardly do without bulk mailing services, as they ensure delivery, consent in line with data protection, granular distribution list management and tested templates at manageable costs. Most of these providers also provide a registration form that can be more or less easily integrated into the website. You need our form processing feature if you want a bit more. For example, if you want to display different forms in different places on the website or if you want to order the newsletter at the same time as filling in forms for other purposes (co-registration).

Included Services:

This form processing can be used with these bulk mailing providers without any further customisation work: 

  • Rapid-Mail

In all other cases, it is necessary to check which interfaces the providers offer for this and what adaptation effort is required. 

Planned, but not yet implemented

Creation of a website user data record or addition to an existing data record with the action "Subscription [distribution list ID]" after successful double opt-in. This would enable subscribers to a bulk mailing list who return to the website via a link in a distribution e-mail to be recognised as such. This in turn makes it possible to display content according to the parameters stored for the user in the CMS. For example, to display something different at points where a subscription to the distribution list is called up. Or to refer only to actions in which users have not yet participated.

This feature is based on the extension:

This feature was already used in this(these) version(s):
8, 9, 10, 11