Since the introduction of the DSGVO, it has been clear that, except for functional cookies (e.g. for transferring an item to a shopping basket when using a shop), the user's consent is required before a cookie is set. This already applies to the use of a statistics tool such as Matomo, if it sets permanent cookies in order to recognize returning visitors. All the more a cookie approval is necessary to embed contents of third party providers (e.g. maps of Google/OpenStreetMap or counting pixels for web fonts requiring a license).

As our standard solution, we recommend the use of a push-down banner to implement cookie approval. On this banner, under a text, there is only one button that closes the banner when clicked. The text can be provided with a link to a privacy page or to a cookie information page with further details. As a push-down banner, the banner does not float on top of the page, but pushes the actual page down a little. This way the page remains fully operable even without clicking the banner. 

Pleae take into account that unless statistic cookies are set under GDPR Art. 6, Section 1 (f)  or for less than 20 days without consent, roughly 30-50% do not agree and this traffic will not be evaluated. 

Example texts for cookie banners and privacy policy tailored to our feature set

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